Monday, May 21, 2012


Photo #1 Rolled up in a blanket while playing with Michael and Koah.
Photo #2 Classic: Her pink sweatshirt, big headband, and ipod.
Photo #3 Her and I at Glen Lake on Mother's Day.
Photo #4 It's hard to see, but her face is muddy from rock picking to earn money for camp.
Photo #5 Long jump.

I love you my pet loving, music loving, hard working, athletic girl!

Olivia loved her star party sleepover! Kaylie wanted to make the cake and she did a great job making it star shaped. Cake, ice-cream and punch made quite the after school snack!

There were some glitches like kelly green acrylic paint that splattered on one guest's pale yellow Abercrombie shirt. Long story, but we did have paint shirts! : ) Overall though there was tons of fun. Hiking in the woods, going through the sprinklers, a craft project, roasting marshmallows around a campfire, a movie and popcorn, and the star wands. In the goodie bags for Olivia and her guests were glow in the dark star wands. I loved looking out in our yard that night seeing 6 girls marching in a circle waving their wands up and down and singing a fun little made up chant.