Saturday, July 20, 2013

Loving Life

It had been over a year since I posted  to this blog and I hadn't planned on this post, but I wanted to journal and this seemed the simplest way to do that right now.

There are so many moments from today that I just love!  I was watering our plants and a goldfinch came and landed on our birdbath and for some reason that made me super happy.  Lately we seem to have more birds in our woods than ever, or I am just noticing them even more.  There are so many varieties of songs all at once.

The girls were both at the county fair, so it was just Michael and I for a while.  We spent time doing some gardening together.  The weather was just right as we weeded, watered, planned, etc.  

Michael and I were watching the movie "Parental Guidance" and there is heart-warming scene where the grandparents and grandchildren are playing kick the can in the rain.  Later Olivia came home from the fair and was laughing hard at the deleted scenes and it was a happy moment with her next to me on the couch enjoying the humor. 

Kaylie played her first JV game with Mr. Kelm coaching.  He had her be point guard and I don't know what it is about her playing that position compared to when she plays a guard, but she just kind of seems to be more in her element as point.  She loved the tournament and worked hard.  I was proud of her and love to see her happy.

I took the time to look go through some of the on-line stamping class I am taking and it made me wish to get out my stamps right then and create.  I was excited for the class, and I am thrilled with the inspiring content.

Kaylie came home and told me some about her night at the fair.  I am so thankful for the relationship that we have and do not take it for granted how incredibly fortunate I am that she shares a bunch with me.